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As a Limited Company, understanding the allowable expenses you are able to claim can help to reduce your Corporation Tax Bill.

It is important to keep track of your company’s business expenses as without accurate record keeping, HMRC could knock back your expenses claim and lead to you paying more Corporation Tax.

Here are some of the allowable expenses you can claim:

  • Health check and eye test expenses
  • Business insurance expenses
  • Childcare expenses
  • Use of home as office
  • Professional subscription expenses
  • Professional development expenses
  • Premises costs (rent, utility bills etc.)
  • Salaries/staff costs
  • Pensions
  • The cost of raw materials
  • Office costs
  • Travel and accommodation costs for business trips
  • Legal and financial costs
  • Advertising and marketing costs

When buying something that you are going to keep and use in your business, you can claim capital allowances on your tax return.

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