7 mistakes made by businesses and how to overcome them

The essential guide to overcome the most common mistakes made by businesses.

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Business Blunders (and how to deal with them)

Running a business is an exhaustive job, so it is no wonder that many businessowners struggle. With the number of factors that come into running a business, there is a lot of room for mistakes to be made that could hinder the business’ ability to succeed.

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Running a business is undoubtedly a difficulty task to master – with such a unique sector to work in, there are a number of mistakes that are just waiting to be made. This E-Book, written by Accounts Navigator’s Finance Director Andrea L Richards, outlines the key monetary mistakes made by entrepreneurs and businessowners. As well as informing you of these potential issues, our E-Book provides you with EXPERT advice on how to avoid them, as well as overcome them if they arise.

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