Whether you’re new to freelancing, switching from permanent roles to contracting, or have an established business, we can help you run it and grow it. Flexible, personable, and available via email whenever you need us, we provide a full range of accounting, payroll, tax, training, financial advice, and secretarial services at our offices or your premises. We work with you as partners. You’ll have an entire team of accountants, payroll, and administrative experts working for you, making the financial side of contracting beautifully simple.

  • Health Insurance

    Accounts Navigator have partnered with VitalityHealth to provide our clients with the best healthcare for their business. Vitality is insurance that rewards you for being healthy. As well as protecting you when things go wrong, it also helps you lead a healthier life –

  • Forecasting

    Your financial forecast is a journey into the financial future of your business. If you’re a start-up looking to secure funds from an investor, it’s your business plan translated into numbers. If you’re an established business, a forecast can help with everything from managing monthly or quarterly cash flow to creating a five-year plan for investors and lenders. Our goal is simple: to help you manage your business finances.

  • Business Plan

    A good business plan can quite literally make a dream come true. It can make the difference between fantasising about being your own boss and spending yet another year sat behind a desk working for someone else.

  • Statutory Accounts

    To keep the taxman happy and be as tax efficient as possible, your figures need to be spot on. With Accounts Navigator working on your behalf, they will be.

  • Corporation Tax

    If you’re a UK limited company, you’ll need to pay Corporation Tax on business profits. That’s in addition to tax on personal income from salary or dividends drawn from the company. The problem is that you don’t get a bill with a total figure to pay. If you’d rather spend time nurturing your business than sorting out tax administration, we can help.

  • Self Assessment

    Don’t have the time to fill in forms or deal with HMRC? We’ll steer you through the whole Self-Assessment process, advising you on your tax position and highlighting planning opportunities for you to take advantage of.

  • Bookkeeping

    Don’t have time to keep your books? Poor bookkeeping means you make financial management decisions using incorrect information. Good bookkeeping can help you improve profit, cash flow models, and credit management.

  • Software Training

    Need to get up to speed on the latest accounting software, quickly? Nothing beats learning with an expert. Our software tutors know the latest programs inside out and can take you beyond the manual in double-quick time.

  • Financial Consultancy

    We can’t predict everything that life will bring, but we can build you a plan that protects your family or business and helps you achieve your goals, dreams, and ambitions. Planning is about more than just taking out an insurance policy, putting business protection in place, setting up an ISA, or starting a pension—although all […]

  • Payroll

    Payroll can be a minefield, especially if it’s not your primary job. You have to know how to process it, get the right software to run it, and make sure all of your employees and HMRC are paid the right amounts on time. But there’s more to payroll than just making payments. Keeping up with the latest payroll legislation like the National Minimum Wage, Stakeholder Pension, and Working Time Regulations are all musts.

  • Secretarial

    Dealing with Limited Company paperwork is the last thing you need when you’re trying to get a business off the ground. When it’s up and running, finding time to do statutory returns is no walk in the park.

  • Taxation

    Whatever your tax needs, we can handle them for you. Whether you have to complete a Self Assessment, produce year-end tax returns, make tax and capital allowance calculations, complete VAT returns, or meet limited company requirements and deadlines, we can help make the whole process as simple and cost-effective as possible.

  • Accountancy

    We make accounting as easy as ABC for contractors, freelancers, sole traders, limited company directors, partnerships, and small business owners. We do the numbers and then use your bookkeeping information to create monthly or quarterly management accounts.

  • VAT Return

    When your business turnover exceeds the current VAT threshold, you must register for VAT. That means submitting a VAT return to the taxman every three months. VAT is famously and incredibly complex. It can be hard to know which items are zero-rated, exempt, or outside the scope of VAT if accountancy isn’t your area of expertise. That’s where we come in.