Protecting yourself from an HMRC investigation

A tax investigation is stressful, time consuming and usually very expensive. And it could easily happen to you.

HMRC’s investigations are more focused than ever before. During the tax year 2017-18, the tax man collected over £30 billion through ‘compliance activity’.

Special investigators are using high tech methods to gain information and maximise tax revenues. For example, they review the innocent enquiries people make, and then look into whether they’ve paid too little tax. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, you can be selected at random.

How we can help

Our tax investigation service means we will:

  • Liaise with HMRC on your behalf
  • prepare and defend your case
  • handle all correspondence and meetings with the tax inspector

Why you need to act now

  •  Tax investigations can happen to anyone, whether you’re an individual or in business.
  • Even if you’ve done nothing wrong you can still be selected
  • HMRC’s focus has changed and the main goal is to maximise revenue
  • HMRC has access to a very wide pool of data, including banks, building societies, property-based information, letting agents, mortgage applications, DVLA, overseas tax authorities and more.

We know that we cannot take away the stress of being under investigation, we can ensure that we will use all of our resources to ensure you only pay the correct tax and nothing more.

Contact us now if you need help with an HMRC investigation.

Posted by Cassey Nixon on

15th August 2019


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