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Corporation Tax

If you’re a UK limited company, you’ll need to pay Corporation Tax on business profits. That’s in addition to tax on personal income from salary or dividends drawn from the company. The problem is that you don’t get a bill with a total figure to pay. It’s up to you as company owner to sort out your tax affairs, comply with regulations, and complete the required reports. That’s a considerable chunk of time you could be spending on nurturing your business. If you’d rather be doing that than sorting out tax administration, we can help.


You’ll always know how much tax you need to pay, and when.

HMRC requires every limited company to pay Corporation Tax on its net earnings, nine months after the end of each trading year. If your company has shareholders to whom it pays dividends, there may be more tax to consider. As company owner or director, it’s up to you to put aside some of the money that comes into the company to pay that bill. That may sound simple on paper but it can be tricky to put into practice. It’s easy to forget or put it off for a month. That single month turns into two months and then three. Before you know it, the bill is due and you need to find the funds fast. We work on your accounts on a monthly basis so that doesn’t happen. You’ll have all the management information you need to plan ahead. You’ll always know how much you owe HMRC, so you can make sure the money you need to pay the tax bill is there when the payment is due.


We understand the issues you face as an owner-managed business.

We know exactly how challenging building up credit and creating lines of credit can be. We also understand that cash flow timing is a fine art. With Accounts Navigator’s experts in your corner, you don’t have to deal with your financials alone. We understand what you’re up against and can help you leap the hurdles and grab the opportunities.


We prepare your tax returns in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Tax returns need never bother you again. Simply send us your information and we’ll calculate your company’s tax liability. We can also help you work out quarterly instalment payments to keep things ticking over nicely. At the end of your trading year, we file your Corporation Tax return with HMRC: and you pay the bill when it’s due. Job done!


Contractor, freelancer, sole trader, or partnership? We offer the same service for personal tax returns.

Very prompt, friendly and reliable service. Very competitive prices aswell. Would strongly recommend!

Tom Casey – CTS Landmark