Cynthia Brown

“Personable, efficient and client-focused. An accountancy firm that aren’t mundane and solely focused on reconciling accounts and submitting treacherous HMRC forms. The Accounts Navigator actually care about the growth of your company and take a proactive approach to managing the accounts; easing much pressure which means I can focus on what I do best – running my business.”

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28th June 2016


  • Loss Buying Restrictions

    Under qualifying circumstances, Corporation Tax relief is available where your company makes a trading loss. The trading loss can be used by offsetting the loss against other gains or profits of your business in the same or previous accounting period. The loss can also be set against future qualifying trading income. However, there are restrictions […]

  • The Optional Remuneration Arrangements Defined

    The Optional Remuneration Arrangements (OpRA) legislation was introduced with effect from 6 April 2017. The legislation counters the tax and NIC advantages of benefits where an employee gives up the right to an amount of earning in return for a benefit. This includes flexible benefit packages with a cash option, cash allowances and salary sacrifice. […]