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Here at Accounts Navigator Associates (ANA), we believe in maximum efficiency which is why we strongly advise all our clients to use Receipt Bank to make submitting your receipts and invoices effortless. Below, we have all you need to know to never lose another expense document and easily deliver them to Accounts Navigator Associates in real-time:

The mobile app is the quickest way to regularly submit receipts and it is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. ANA will send you an email with your credentials which you can use to log-in and get started.

Once you receive an expense document, simply open up the app, click the camera button in the middle of the screen and hit submit – it’s on its way to us and no further effort is needed on your part!

Another submission at your disposal is emailing in – your personal email-in address is different from your log-in email address for Receipt Bank and is easily identified as it always ends in This method is convenient invoices enclosed in emails (as HTML, PDF, etc.) that are sent to this address, regardless of who sent it, will be submitted to your Receipt Bank Inbox and from there, directly visible for ANA to process them.

Receipt Bank quickest way to regularly submit your receipts, invoices, and expenses on the go without the burden of collecting them and following through. We advise all of our clients to download and regularly use Receipt Bank!

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